aka Carson (Formerly ZoraLink10nLink)

  • I live in Canada
  • My occupation is HURHURHUR
  • I am a dude
  • NotCrazyZora

    I have been working hard to contribute to winning the great war of Maddog. I have done the following three pages to fight him, and will continue to do so as a Kennyist Soldier

    I am currently in the process of trying to tempt Maddog into vandalizing us, the same method we've been using on him. When he does, We can block him, and then we win.

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  • NotCrazyZora

    Kennyism Comics

    February 15, 2014 by NotCrazyZora

    Here's a comic book for you to look forward to my fellow geeky Kennyists. Be excited.

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