This page contains the official word of the one and only, almighty god of this urban land, Kenny! Defy them, and you will suffer the consequences.

No love for Ben Paul

Any Ben Paul worshipers caught in the act will be severely punished. You will be expelled from the temple until a time where you may plea for forgiveness from Kenny and accept himself into your life.

No insulting fellow Kennyists

If you are caught insulting or slandering the name of one of your fellow Kennyists, you will be expelled from the temple until you have learned. Insulting Kennytheists/Ben Paulogists is okay, though.

No insulting the 'Stache

If you are caught insulting Kenny's mighty 'stache, crafted by the gods, you will be temporarily kicked out of the temple.

No jumpscaring fellow Kennyists

Attempting to link any of your fellow Kennyists to a jumpscare will result in you being kicked out of the temple.

No spam unless approved by a high ranking Kennyist (Elite Disciple or higher)

If you spam without the consent of a high ranking Kennyist, you will be kicked out of the temple.

Examples of spam:

  • skldghs
  • Hiya
  • Biya
  • See ya (can only legitimately be used if someone is leaving)
    • or anything similar to the above three
  • (empty space)
  • .
  • Consistent use of emoticons
  • Kenny sucks (this may result in being expelled)

No love for Christopher Eccleston

Any admiration for this fake god will result in a kick from the temple, or library, depending on the severity.

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